What is Functional Medicine?

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Functional Medicine is rooted in ancient medicine. Rather than looking at individual systems, we focus on whole body health. For example, in conventional medicine, if you have stomach issues you may see a gastroenterologist; menstrual issues, your gynecologist; autoimmune issues, a rheumatologist.  However, with functional medicine, we know each organ system is connected, so we look at the body as one large interactive ecosystem.

In functional medicine we ask a lot of questions focusing on finding the root cause of your issues because something is triggering your symptoms. It is not helpful to cover those symptoms with a band aid, e.g. certain medications, that may do more harm than good in the long run and ultimately, do not remedy the issue. In functional medicine we use comprehensive modern diagnostic tools and analysis.  Once we do find the underlying causes to your symptoms, we support your body using science-based approaches with personalized nutrients, lifestyle modifications, and more to improve your situation and overall well-being. We recognize that each person is genetically unique and wonderfully made, and your care should be specific to you.


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