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How To Schedule

I work with Carpathia Collaborative in Dallas. In order to schedule an appointment with me as a new client, you will need to register in our patient portal first. You will also need to fill out intake forms. Once all completed, we can get you scheduled for an appointment. Detailed instructions on how to register are as follows:

4. Fill out the First Two Sections for New Patients

Once in the Questionnaire, fill out the sections titled Intake Forms and Policy and Consent Forms that are marked with red for new Patients.

5. Expect to Receive a Call within 24-48 hours

Our administrative team will reach out within 24-48 hours to schedule the appointment. If you don't receive one please call

6. Time for the Appointment

Come prepared to have a great session where we have a chance to get to know each other. I'm excited to start our journey.

Carpathia Collaborative
10260 N Central Expressway
Suite 210
Dallas, TX 75231

Cancellations & Policy: Our Office Policies and Guidelines Agreement states that in the event of a missed or cancelled
appointment without the required 48-business hour notice, we will have to charge the patient the full cost of the missed visit.


I am here to address your concerns and support you to reach your health goals.

About Me

Though we are all different, sometimes our journey leads down the same path.